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Join Me In The Move It March Challenge

When you sit back and think about how much time we spend sitting throughout the day, it can be quite shocking. Between working at a computer all day, relaxing and watching tv or reading a book at night, we tend to spend a huge part of our day sitting or lying down.

So let’s take the month of March to get moving more! Some challenges are more focused on exercise, while others are just small daily habits we can change to get moving more.

Here is the Move It March Challenge!

Day 1:

Stand up and stretch every hour.

Day 2:

Take a 20 minute walk.

Day 3:

Tidy up the house to get moving.

Day 4:

Do lunges the length of your hallway at some point throughout the day.

Day 5:

Park your car in a further parking spot to get some extra steps in.

Day 6:

Practice a yoga routine (so many can be found on YouTube)

Day 7:

Put on some music and have a dance party!

Day 8:

Stretch during every commercial break while watching TV. If there are no commercials, stretch for the duration of half an episode.

Day 9:

Take the stairs instead of the elevator for the day.

Day 10:

Do calf raises while brushing your teeth.

Day 11:

Use an exercise ball at your desk rather than a chair.

Day 12:

Call up a friend and go for a walk or book an exercise class.

Day 13:

Do 20-50 squats to start off your day.

Day 14:

Go for a walk on your lunch break.

Day 15:

When watching TV, do crunches during the commercial breaks.

Day 16:

Try out a new work out that you've been wanting to try.

Day 17:

Set an alarm to get up and move every hour of the day.

Day 18:

Work as much as possible while standing rather than sitting.

Day 19:

Replace the time you would watching tv by doing something active.

Day 20:

Go to a mall and window shop to get steps in.

Day 21:

Play with your kids or dog in an active way.

Day 22:

Ask one of your meetings to go for a walk rather than sitting in the office. If you have no meetings in office, go for a walk while on the phone for the meeting.

Day 23:

Do some upper body stretches while sitting and doing another task, like reading emails.

Day 24:

Do push ups during commercial breaks.

Day 25:

While waiting in line anywhere, go up and down on your tippy toes to stretch out the legs and feet.

Day 26:

Find a relaxing yoga or stretching routine to do before going to bed.

Day 27:

Spend the day doing an active activity with family or friends.

Day 28:

Do a 30 second to 1 minute plank in the morning and in the evening.

Day 29:

Get your heart rate up doing any activity you enjoy.

Day 30:

Reflect on how this challenge went and decide which of these challenges you will continue to implement to keep moving.


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