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Simple Ways To Start Saving More

Little changes in one’s life can make big changes in the long run. These saving hacks are little lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference.

Here are some tips and tricks to save a little more. Clear out and sell clothes you aren’t wearing anymore.

Do you really wear everything in your closet? I know I don‘t. Take the time to clear out your closet and go through what you haven’t worn. Take these items and sell them, whether it be on Facebook marketplace, Poshmark, EBay, Varage sale, etc. It’ll give you a fresh start and some extra money, can’t go wrong with a 2 in 1! Here is a chart than can be used to see whether you should be keeping or clearing out clothes.

Cut down on subscriptions.

Can anyone relate to signing up for a free trial and the completely forgetting to cancel it? Go through your last statement and check if there are any unnecessary subscriptions you are paying for and cancel them. Also, do we really need a subscription to Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, cable and all the other streaming services? Look through which subscriptions you’re actually using and cancel the ones that are not being used.

Get crafty and DIY.

There are so many things we pay for that we can probably do ourselves. Why not paint your own nails or search up on Youtube how to fix something simple on your own?

Have a budget to distribute pay check. A budget planner is a great way to stay on track with spending. Use the planner to organize how your money will be spent and to also track where your pay check is going. Shop a budget planner here. Wait for sales. We see something and want to buy it instantly. I think it’s time we take a breath and wait to see if it goes on sale. Sales makes me so happy, so why not wait and see if I can get a better deal? This not only saves us money but when you sit back and think about it, you might not want that item so badly anymore.

Plan out meals for the week. By planning out meals for the week and buying groceries, it can make it less tempting to splurge on going out. Sometimes it’s just easier to not have to think what you have to make for dinner, but if the meals are planned for the week it can make it a little easier to fight the urge to go out.

Skip out on the gym membership. If I have learned anything in the past two years, it is that we can find ways to work out at home. If you’re trying to find an extra way to save monthly, pause the gym membership and try out working out at home.

Make coffee/tea at home.

How many of you have said “it’s only $5 in the morning”? Well if you start adding up all of those $5 coffees it might freak you out how much is spent on buying coffee. Instead, make a coffee or tea at home before starting your day.

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