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Join Me In May's De-Clutter Challenge

When I think May, spring cleaning is definitely at the forefront of my mind. I love to take the time to clean up, organize and de-clutter all the junk that has been piling up over the last bit of time.

Let's take this challenge to do a spring reset and reorganize our homes and minds.

Day 1:

Empty 1 junk drawer.

Day 2:

Clean out your clothes.

Day 3:

Go through a collection and clean it out (movies, books, etc)

Day 4:

Clean out a bookshelf or TV stand.

Day 5:

Go through mail and magazines.

Day 6:

Clean off a table

Day 7:

Clean out 2 kitchen cabinets

Day 8:

Clean out your wallet

Day 9:

Clean out make up drawer

Day 10:

Get rid of shoes that have not been worn.

Day 11: Clean out purse.

Day 12:

Clean out another 2 kitchen cabinets.

Day 13:

Clean out medicine cabinet.

Day 14:

Clean our freezer.

Day 15:

Clear off kitchen counters.

Day 16:

Clean out fridge.

Day 17:

Clean out your car.

Day 18:

Organize toys.

Day 19:

Donate old toys and game boards.

Day 20:

Organize cleaning supplies.

Day 21:

Organize your bedroom.

Day 22:

Remove apps on phone that you don't us.

Day 23:

Sort through emails.

Day 24:

Update and organize calendar.

Day 25:

Clean out front entrance closet.

Day 26:

Organize hair accessories (elastics, clips, brushes)

Day 27:

Organize underwear and sock drawer.

Day 28:

Organize office space.

Day 29:

Organize kid's room or pet area.

Day 30:

Organize laundry room.

Day 31:

Refresh and clear out your mind with meditation and reflect on this challenge.

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