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Spending Their Inheritance's Barbie House Remodel

Source: @spendingtheirinheritance on Instagram

Taking furniture and making it brand new is the main source of content for the Spending Their Inheritance Page. I love watching videos of DIYs, hacks and furniture. I really find it so relaxing to sit and watch those types of videos. Spending Their Inheritance really fits into this category of ASMR content. Their videos have such a relaxing feel as I watch them reconstruct and paint different pieces of furniture.

This page really teaches us that old furniture does not need to be thrown out. There are a million and one ways to make changes to freshen up what you already have. Spending Their Inheritance posts different ways they liven up old furniture whether it be desks, dressers, tables, chairs and more! Their before and after pictures of their beautiful work is posted to the Instagram page, where they sell the newly renovated pieces. Here is a before and after of the beautiful work done.

Source: @spendingtheirinheritance on Instagram

Source: @spendingtheirinheritance on Instagram

What really caught my eye about this page was a unique project that they created. Spending Their Inheritance decided to take a Barbie Dream House and remodel it with a new modern twist. How cool is that! The owner of the page, Christine Crudo, calls it her “coastal beach house” remodel.

Christine Crudo took the original Barbie house and ‘gutted’ it. She took her followers along for the journey as she posted the various steps it took to remodel the dollhouse. I loved to watch how this project came together step by step. I could not wait to finally see the final product after all the work that was put into it. Christine Crudo created this gorgeous, modern beach house by building mini furniture, creating new floors and painting the walls. The pictures speak for themselves.

Amazing job to Christine Crudo and her creative and unique project on Spending Their Inheritance! Keep up the fabulous work.

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