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25 Gifts For Everyone On Your List

During this time of year, we have plenty to think about. What are we going to buy for our kids, our partners, our family members, our friends, etc. I thought it would be a great idea to provide a gift guide that you can shop for all the special people in your life. With the hustle and bustle of life, why not click the link and hop onto Amazon to shop all you need in one place.

Here are 25 items that someone or everyone on your list will love.

1. Slippers

Who wouldn't love a nice, new pair of fluffy slippers? With so many different colours and patterns, there will definitely be a style that someone on your list will love.


Shop women's slippers here. Shop men's slippers here.

2. LED Night Light, Phone Charger and Bluetooth Speaker

This 3 in 1 item is a great gadget for anyone! It can be used as a night light, a phone charger and bluetooth speaker all at the same time.


Shop this gadget here.

3. Heated Vest

As someone that loves to go for walks during the winter time, I know this is a great gift for someone that loves the outdoors in the winter time, or has to take their dog out for a walk.


Shop this heated vest here.

4. Waffle Maker

This waffle maker is a great gift for anyone that loves to make breakfast or has kids that love eating waffles. I have one myself and I love to use it. It's simple and easy to use since it is non-stick.


Shop this waffle maker here.

5. Makeup Mitt

This works so well to remove any type of makeup without the need of any soap or makeup remover. Great for anyone that wears makeup, especially people with sensitive skin!


Shop this makeup mitt here.

6. Glitter Markers

A fun gift for anyone that enjoys to colour or draw. It can be a great gift for a kid but also for an adult that enjoys adult colouring books. These markers are fun because of the glitter in them which gives them that extra special touch.


Shop these glitter markers here.

7. Collapsible Water Bottle

Whether they're going to the gym, travelling or just need more space in their bag, this collapsible water bottle is a great gift. After finishing the bottle, it can be collapsed to take up so much less space. It comes in a pack of 2 so it can be a gift for 2 people on your list, or you can even keep one for yourself.


Shop this collapsible water bottle here.

8. Palm Leaf Wall Decal

This is a great gift for anyone that wants to have a fun change up in their house. Palm leaves are a stylish way to add a fun change to a space. Great for people that are working from home and are tired of staring at a blank wall.


Shop palm leaf wall decal.

9. Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are a great gift for anyone and everyone! Cut the hassle of lighting the flame and worrying about putting it out. The candles are a gorgeous decorative piece, while also coming with a remote control to set timers.


Shop the candles here.

10. Pictionary Air

A new and improved Pictionary that is a great gift for the entire family! There is no more need for a pen and paper while playing Pictionary, all you need is this digital pen and you draw in the air, where it then appears on the phone. How cool is that!


Shop Pictionary Air here.

11. Crossbody Phone Purse

A great gift for someone that does not have enough hands or someone that is constantly losing their phone and keys. This purse has different departments for all the essentials. It comes in a variety of colours to match the style of anyone you are buying it for.


Shop this purse here.

12. Heated Gloves

A great gift for someone that enjoy winter activities. They come in all different sizes for men and women with 3 temperature levels and a rechargeable battery.


Shop these gloves here.

13. Acupressure Foot Massage Sandals

A great gift for anyone that experiences pain in their feet or would just like to have their feet massaged everyone once in a while.


Shop these acupressure sandals here.

14. Electric Wine Opener

Great for the wine lover in your life. Why not make their life easier with an electric wine bottle opener?


Shop this electric wine opener here.

15. Bounce Off Game

This is a great gift for children, teens and adults that love to get competitive. All you have to do is pick a card from the deck, bounce the balls and try to create the shape from the card.


Shop this game here.

16. Solar Panel Phone Charger

This gift is suitable for individuals that are conscious of the environment but still need to charge their phone! This solar panel phone charger uses solar rays to charge not only their phone, but 3 phones at a time.


Shop this solar panel charger here.

17. Green Smoothie Recipe Book

A gift for that person who is on a health kick and needs some inspiration. This book is also great for people on the run that need something quick and healthy to fill their stomach.


Shop this recipe book here.

18. Nail Polish Strips

I know as someone that has such a hard time doing my nails, I would love this gift! A simple way to press on nail polish that looks like it was done at the salon.


Shop these nail polish strips here.

19. Throw Blanket

Who doesn't love cozying up on the couch in a nice fluffy blanket? This is a great generic gift that basically anyone will appreciate on those cold winter nights. It comes in a variety of colours to match the look of their home.


Shop this blanket here.

20. Kids' Cookbook

Get your kids involved with cooking by buying them this kid-friendly cookbook. A great way to have a family activity while teaching them life skills.


Shop this kids' cookbook here.

21. Coin Saving Bank

An awesome and fun gift to teach kids how to save money. It open its mouth as the coin is being put in, how fun is that for kids?!


Shop this coin bank here.

22. Hand-held Steamer

This hand-held steamer can be used on clothing of all different materials. It is portable, making it easy to use and great for travel. No longer the need to lug around a huge steamer.


Shop this steamer.

23. DIY Tumbler

This gift is so fun! Get a tumbler and decorate with markers and stickers to personalize it. A great gift for the crafty people in your life, especially kids and teens.


Shop this DIY tumbler here.

24. AeroGarden Harvest A garden you can grow all year long? Sign me up! This gift is perfect for someone that loves to grow their own produce or would like to try to. It can grow up to 6 different plants at a time with seeds also provided.


Shop this AeroGarden Harvest here.

25. Heated Blanket Shawl

This sherpa blanket shawl is electrically heated with a 3-level controller. A cozy and warm gift for anyone and everyone on your list.


Shop this heated blanket shawl here.

All gifts can be found on my Amazon store under Gift Guide or you can click right here.

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