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Tips & Tricks For Spring Cleaning

The flowers start to bloom and the snow fades away, spring is finally here! The air becomes more fresh and we can finally open our windows. What usually comes with all of this? Spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning has become a tradition in many households as a time to freshen up the house for spring and summer time, while removing the winter blues. Usually it consists of a deep clean and getting rid of anything we don’t use anymore. This task can seem daunting to many so here are some tips and tricks to make it a little less stressful.

Clean by room

Thinking of having to clean the whole house can seem quite daunting. Take it one room at a time to ease the stress. Create a list of each room that needs to be cleaned and make a checklist of what needs to be cleaned in that room. Once everything has been checked off, move onto the next room!

Clear the clutter

Clutter is inevitable at least somewhere in our homes. Take this time to reorganize, donate or throw away whatever is causing this clutter.

Get everyone involved

We shouldn’t have to do this alone! Get your partners, kids or roommates involved in the process so it doesn’t fall all on your shoulders. You can even make it a fun activity by turning on some music and having a cleaning dance party.

Do the seasonal chores

Some chores need to be done as a new season comes around. Take this time to prepare for the spring and summer season. Whether it be cleaning the BBQ, taking out the patio furniture or organizing your bathing suits, take this time to get ready for the sunshine!

Get rid of smell in shoes

Some times sneakers can get a little stinky especially as the weather gets warmer. One way to fix this is to sprinkle baking soda into the shoes, where it absorbs all the odour.

Freshen up your clothes

It is time to take out the summer wardrobe, but you notice that your clothes smell a little musty from being stored away all winter. Place some white vinegar and citrus peels into a spray bottle. Spray away to get rid of the smell.

Use an old t-shirt as a rag

Most of us have old t-shirt stuffed in our drawers that we haven’t worn in years. Time to use them for a new purpose! Old-tshirts are great to use as rags, especially to clean mirrors.


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