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Remove makeup without chemicals with the Magic Mitt

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The Magic Mitt is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Seriously.

I picked up a Magic Mitt for about $20 at Mouvement Sante Beaute in Baie D’Urfé which is truly the best. I later found a similar no-name brand at for less on Amazon here. I have allergies to just about everything so it made sense to take a chance on a makeup remover that offered zero chemicals. I was skeptical, but my daughter Alex said she heard it was amazing, so I took a chance and tried it.

I was more than pleasantly surprised. I was ecstatic with the results. No chemicals, no soap, just warm water and the Mitt and all my makeup is removed effortlessly. It really is a touch of magic. Gentle and mild, it left my skin feeling soft. Not dry. It even removed mascara.

According to the website, the secret is the knitted microfibre cloth that relies only on water and tiny microfibres to penetrate oil and grime and wash it away. I love it.

This cleansing process promotes the health of the skin’s natural acid mantle. When this beneficial barrier is intact, it aids the skin in protecting itself from harmful and invasive bacteria.

The Magic Mitt is made from a new generation of precisely knitted micro-fibres, many times thinner than human hair. When wet, they create a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of oils that bond makeup to the skin. The emulsion is then easily swept away by the Mitt.

The Mitt is easy to wash and is perfectly clean after many uses.

Here are some of the helpful, innovative and even ingenious ways to use our Magic Mitts.

On Your Body

  • Body Wash Mitt: It's not just for your face, you (and your kids) can use it on your bodies too!

  • Tanning Glove: Keep your hands clean when self-tanning by using it as a blending Mitt for Tantasia.

  • Toner Applicator: If you run out of cotton balls, you can always use the Magic Mitt to apply your BeautyPrep Face Toner.

  • Gentle Exfoliator: Remember when we said the fibers gently exfoliate the skin? That's why we love using the Mitt to exfoliate our bodies before using a self-tanner.

  • Hair Color Remover: If you just dyed your hair and noticed a few stains around your hairline, put a bit of cleanser/color removal liquid on your Magic Mitt and rub the dye away.

  • Tooth Brush: Forgot to pack your toothbrush when traveling? We have a Mitt for that!

On Your Clothes

  • Stain Remover: Wet it to use as a stain remover. It even gets chocolate out of linen (because we've all been there)!

  • Deodorant Remover: Remove deodorant marks your clothes with a dry Mitt.

Around the House

Every now and then, we have to say goodbye to our Magic Mitt and trade it for a new one. Instead of throwing it away, why not upcycle the Mitt and use it for household projects!

  • Jewelry, Lens & Glass Cleaner: The tiny micro-fibers easily wipe away fingerprint smudges on jewelry, eyeglasses, camera lenses, crystal vases, etc. without water or cleaner.

  • Dusting Cloth: The micro-fibers also lock in dust.

  • Dish Dryer: Yup, they're great for drying dishes too!

  • Cleaning Cloth: You can also use the Magic Mitt to wipe down you bathroom counters or vanity if you accidentally spill a little makeup.

  • Fresh Produce Cleaner: After you've rinsed your fresh fruit and vegetables, wipe them with the Magic Mitt to remove any remaining dirt and dry them at the same time.

It works!! They are available at Mouvement Sante Beauté, 90, Morgan, suite 211, Baie-D’Urfe, Québec H9X 3A8 – Be sure to call first to verify available stock and opening hours : (514) 674-0919.

Or check out the no-namer on Amazon for half the price.

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