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Make Your Own Scrabble Board

Level up your next Scrabble game by making your own board! Scrabble is such a fun game that I love to play to keep the mind going. By making a personalized board it adds a special touch to the game.

What You’ll Need

  • 15” by 15” foam board

  • Permanent markers, black and whatever other colours you would like to use

  • Ruler


1. Use the black marker to draw borderline around the edge of all four sides.

2. Draw lines vertically one inch apart from one another, making a total of 14 lines.

3. Repeat this process horizontally. Once this is done, there should be 225 boxes in total.

4. Count 8 squares from one corner to the middle and then 8 squares up to the centre. Make a star or any other design on this space as the “centre square” and colour it in.

5. For triple word scores, write “triple word score” onto the 4 corners of the square. Count up 8 squares and add triple word score to there as well. Since it’s customizable you can write something other than triple word score if you would like! Colour them whatever colour you would like.

6. For the double word score (or whatever you plan on naming this), take the four corner “triple word scores” and go diagonal from there to write the double word score all the way to the centre. Colour them whatever colour you would like.

7. If you would like to add other random tiles on the board to make it customized to your game, go ahead and add them in randomly. For example, “swap your letters” or “steal a turn”.

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