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Join Me In June's Journal Prompt Challenge

As a child or teenager, you may have kept a diary. We would write down our thoughts and feelings about our crushes or school drama.

Journaling is the adult version of a diary, but with much more intention and reflection.

Journaling is a great way to get thoughts onto paper when we are feeling a certain way, but it is also a practice that individuals implement daily. Journaling can be a form of reflection that allows us to reflect on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It gives us a chance to let it all out in a written form.

Here are 30 journal prompts, one for every day of June to allow us to reflect and think about different parts of our lives.

1: Write a letter to your childhood best friend.

2: 5 things about myself I've never told anyone

3: If I could talk to my future self, what would I say?

4: Reflect on a past mistake.

5: Write about something from a different perspective.

6: Write about a habit you want to break.

7: Where is your safe place?

8. What is a vivid childhood memory? Or your earliest childhood memory?

9. Write about the things that make you nervous.

10. “A life well lived means…”

11. What is one thing you can do today to make progress in your life?

12. Sit in a coffee place with your journal open and write down interesting snippets from other people’s conversations.

13. The 10 biggest gifts I have to offer to the world.

14. Write a love letter to yourself from the perspective of a secret admirer.

15. Write about anything that is on your mind today.

16. The 10 things I love the most about my life.

17. “What is the opportunity the universe is giving me by presenting me with this situation?” 18. Write a dialogue.

20. Reflect on a quote.

21. Answer a question. 22. Write about a current challenge. 23. “I’ve always been too busy to…” 24. What one event shaped your life?

25. What is something that you need to stay away from? 26. Recall a time in your life that you remember laughing the hardest. 27. What is a sensitive subject for you? 28. “It still makes me mad when I think about…” 29. Write solutions to problems. 30. 3 new things I learned this week.

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