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Join Me In July's Zero Waste Challenge

There are so many ways that we hurt the environment within our daily lives by wasting where we don't even realize. This challenge is all about making small adjustments to reduce the waste in our lives, while making a positive impact on the world around us.

Day 1: Learn 3 new facts about recycling

Day 2: Skip the plastic straw

Day 3: Carry a reusable water bottle

Day 4: Recycle plastic bags

Day 5: Take reusable bags to the store and/or to pack lunches for work and school

Day 6: Keep track of what you throw out and recycle throughout the day

Day 7: Start a compost bin

Day 8: Fix something instead of buying something new

Day 9: Pack a zero-waste lunch

Day 10: Recycle old batteries

Day 11: Turn old t-shirts into rags

Day 12: Recycle papers that you no longer need

Day 13: Cook dinner with food that will no longer be good soon so it does not go to waste

Day 14: Walk or bike instead of driving

Day 15: Do a craft that uses up-cycling

Day 16: Shop at a thrift store

Day 17: Donate clothes that you are no longer using

Day 18: Pick up at least one piece of trash off the ground and throw it away properly

Day 19: Shop in bulk

Day 20: Teach another person how to recycle properly

Day 21: Turn off lights as soon as they are not needed

Day 22: Turn off water whenever it is not being used (For example, when brushing teeth, do not leave water running)

Day 23: Don't use an chemical cleaning products

Day 24: Buy a reusable lightbulb for your home

Day 25: Do not use any plastic utensils

Day 26: Save your scraps

Day 27: Avoid buying plastic packaging

Day 28: Hang your clothes to dry rather than using dryer

Day 29: Shop local

Day 30: Think of ways to make your work environment less wasteful

Day 31: Reflect on this challenge and think of which daily challenges can be implemented in your every day life.

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