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How to make 2022 New Years Resolutions that will actually stick

Every year, January 1st hits and we try to set goals for the new year. But let's think to ourselves, how many times do we actually accomplish these goals? Most of the time life just gets in the way and these New Years resolutions don't stick. So how can we get ourselves to finally accomplish the goals? Create a plan that is realistic and tangible! Here are a few tips and trick to help you to not only start the new year off right, but to accomplish your intended goals.

1. Set goals

In order to set goals, we need to focus on what the goal is and why do it? Essentially, defining your goals and the meaning behind this goal. Once this is figured out, it is time to put together a plan of how to do it.

It's all about creating a bigger picture and then setting specific goals on how to accomplish these goals.

2. Create a vision board

Vision boards are a great way to create something tangible that is focused on intended goals. Vision boards are a way to represent one's visions, goals, and intentions as a way to manifest what an individual would like to achieve or how they would like to see themselves in a certain amount of time.

Before starting a vision board, it is a great idea to have a plan in mind on what goals you would like to focus on. This can be done through identifying different categories to include, identifying visions, intentions and goals, and also identifying beliefs.

Vision boards can be used for any type of goal including health, relationships, finances, career, personal growth, home, travel, and so much more! The ideas are endless as long as it is something you are planning on succeeding at.

Once all the planning is done for the vision board, it is now time to bring out your crafty side! Grab some old magazines, stickers, pictures, and anything else that can represent your goals to put on your vision board. Keep it somewhere that will remind you of all the goals that you are envisioning for yourself to keep you on track.

3. Check in with yourself

It's important to check in with yourself physically and mentally to keep yourself on track.

Sometimes people like to do this on a regular basis, where they journal their thoughts daily, weekly or monthly. Others like to ask themselves questions like "am I on track?", "how does this make me feel?", etc. Self-evaluating is a great way to reflect on how you are achieving your goals and if what you are doing is successful or whether you need to reevaluate your choices.

4. Reward yourself

Treating yourself when achieve goals is a great way to stay on track! Not only rewarding yourself when achieving the larger goals, but whenever monumental moments happen throughout your journey, it is great to reward yourself. This can be done through buying yourself a gift, planning a spa day or going for dinner with friends... whatever makes you happiest!

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