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Fun Indoor Activities For When It’s Just Too Hot

Summer is here, which also means heat and humidity are also on the way. Even though we all love the few months of summer we get, some days are just too hot to be outside. Good news is there are so many activities that can be done indoors when the weather is just unbearably hot.

I’ve put together a list of a variety of different activities that can be done on your own but with this kids as well. We all know if we want to keep them indoors we’ll definetly need plan A, B, C, and D to make that happen.

Here are different activities that can be done indoors when the weather is just too hot.

1. Play a board game.

Keep yourself and kids entertained for a couple hours with a board game, whether it’s Monopoly, Sorry or the Game of Life.

2. Complete a puzzle. I have grown such a love for puzzle making through the lock downs that I think everyone should really give it a go if you haven’t already. Great way to get the mind going and pass time.

3. Have a dance party.

Turn up the music, throw on your dancing shoes and have a dance party!

4. Do a craft.

Get crafty and get to that DIY project you’ve been thinking about.

5. Have a movie day.

Relax, grab your favourite snacks and have a movie marathon.

6. Bring out the colouring books.

Colouring can be a fun and relaxing activity for all. Let your creative side out.

7. Have an indoor picnic.

Picnics don’t always have to be in the parc. Set up a picnic in your home with a large blanket on the floor and snacks. Check out my picnic guide.

8. Have a spa day.

Paint your nails, put on a face mask or take a bubble bath to have a relaxing, heatless day.

9. Call loved ones.

Spend the day catching up with friends and family.

10. Play cards.

Doesn’t everyone have a deck of cards at home? Pull it out and have a game of crazy 8 or solitaire.

11. Bake.

We can also use a home baked sweet treat every once in a while. Take the day to bake up your favourite recipe.

12. Listen to a podcast or story book.

Spend time listening to a podcast on a topic that interests you or you want to learn more about. For the kids, put on a story book audio. Podcasts and story book audios can be found on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Podcast, Google Play and more!


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