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Foods That Reduce Energy

Refined carbohydrates

Ever eat a plate of pasta and an hour later you’re in need of a nap? This is because pasta, as well as white bread, crackers, candy, juices are full of refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are full a sugar, where they give you a 'sugar high' after first eating them, where it will eventually drop drastically and make us feel tired.

Usually these carbs do not have a great amount of fibre, so it makes it harder on the body to break down the food. When choosing carbs, try and choose foods that are higher in fibre so that energy burst and let down isn't as prominent.

Here is a list of refined carbohydrates:

  • White bread

  • Pizza dough

  • Pasta

  • Pastries

  • White flour

  • White rice

  • Sweet dessert

  • Many breakfast cereals

Red meat

The way red meat is processed can be difficult on the body to digest, meaning that it takes up a lot of our body's energy. Since it is harder to digest, it can increase our risk of imbalanced gut health and increased inflammation.

Here is a list of red meats:

  • Beef

  • Lamb

  • Pork

  • Veal

Foods you are sensitive to

According to Dr. Kimberly O'Brien, here is a list of the top 10 most common food sensitivities:

  1. Cow’s Milk, Cheese and Whey Protein

  2. Wheat and Other Gluten-Containing Grains

  3. Rice, Quinoa, Oats and Other Gluten-Free Grains

  4. Eggs

  5. Corn

  6. Soy

  7. Legumes

  8. Tree Nuts – Especially Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios

  9. Citrus Fruits

  10. Nightshade Vegetables

Overconsumption of caffeine

Caffeine blocks the hormone that makes us feel tired, but when this wears off we’ll just feel the fatigue again.

Caffeine can be found in:



Energy drinks

Soft drinks

Source: Poosh


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