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Adjusting To Spring Forward

Daylight savings is upon us and it’s time to move the clocks an hour forward. It’s only 60 minutes, yet that hour change can really make a different to our bodies and minds. It can really throw us out of whack.

Here are some ways to help ease your body and mind into spring forward.

Gradually transition into the time change

A study shows going to bed 15 minutes earlier for a week can help your body adjust better to the time change. By creating the slight change of 15 minutes every night, it will not affect your efficiency like an hour over one night will.

Stick to your bedtime routine Creating a routine before going to bed can help train the brain to recognize that you will be going to bed soon. This routine can consist of washing your face at the same time every night, putting on pjs at a consistent time and reading a book at a specific hour before bed.

Eat smart and choose sleep-inducing foods Eating healthy can really help with sleeping well. Foods and drinks that are good to eat as a after dinner snack include decaffeinated chamomile tea, a glass of milk, almonds, and bananas. It is best to avoid eating within 3 hours before bed since it is not ideal to go to bed on a full belly.

Relax before you sleep

Avoid doing anything high intensity or stressful before bed. It’s important to relax before heading to sleep.

Go to bed earlier

Going to bed between 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM provides the most optimal sleep. It is the time period where sleep is the most restorative.

Ignore your clocks and the “real-time”

During daylight savings, we all love to say “it’s actually this time right now”. It’s important to not do this and allow our brain to focus on the time it now is with the time change. It help get into the groove of things more quickly.

Soak up the morning light

Light plays an integral role in determining how our body feels, specifically when we should be asleep and awake. Waking up and spending time in the morning light can help energize the body.

Source: Restonic

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