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6 Ways To Organize Your Bookshelf

I am an avid reader that loves books from all different genres. Keeping them all organized can be quite a challenge when the collection starts to become way too big. A messy bookshelf is never a good sight, especially if it is view for everyone to see.

How much easier would it be to find a book if we had a system to our bookshelves? Although this is focused on bookshelves, these ideas can also work with just having your books stacked as well, or in baskets.

Organize By Colour

This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing way to organize a bookshelf. If your bookshelf is on display in your living room, this is the perfect way to keep your books organized. Take all your books, stack them by colour and then place in bookshelf. You’ll want to stare at it’s organized beauty all day!

Organize By Height

Organizing books by height is another way to keep your eyes satisfied. Heigh organization can be done in a few different ways. The first way is to place all books from highest to lowest throughout the bookshelf. Another way is to group books together that are the same height and put them in different sections of the bookshelf. The final way is to have the tallest books on the outside of the bookshelf and they get shorter as they come into the middle of the shelf.

Organize By Genre

Organizing by genre will definitely be easy to pick out which book you want to read next. This works well for larger book collections. Group books based on their genre (romance, mystery, biographies, science fiction, etc.) and place them in your bookshelf. Now you can easily choose whatever your in the mood for!

Organize By Authors

If you’re the type of reader that finds an author and reads all their books, then this is the way for you! Group all of your books by author and place them on the bookshelf. If you would like even more organization, place the books in the order that the author wrote them especially if they are a series. Organize Alphabetically

Give yourself the feeling as if you are going to the library by organizing your books alphabetically. This is great for all book collections, but specifically larger ones. Organize the books by either author’s last name or book title alphabetically. You can also add little tabs to make it a little easier to see what letter you’re at if you have a huge book collection.

Organize By Your Preference

This may look a little more messy, but organize your books by how much you love them. If you’re more like to read a book a second time, put it in a place that’s easy to get to. Might not look as nice, but it will definitely be functional! This can even be done by author where you put your favourite author’s books grouped together.


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